Sleep Apnea Consulting for Prisons

Sleep Apnea Consulting for Prisons

At Aeris Consulting & Management, LLC, we provide high quality sleep apnea consulting for prisons and correctional facilities across the nation. Our staff specializes in full service respiratory and sleep care. We provide staffing of respiratory therapists, educational programs for your staff, and the latest in respiratory technology. Aeris is committed to the finest quality care and reducing your health care expenses.

Treating sleep apnea cases is necessary not just to improve inmates’ sleep and breathing, but also to help avoid the onset of other diseases, which would increase an inmate’s health care usage costs. In 95% of suspected obstructive sleep apnea cases, a patient can be diagnosed and treated within the facility. Furthermore, as inmates age, a correctional facility might see an increasing number of them using CPAP machines and oxygen concentrators.

Why Outsource Your Sleep Apnea Consulting?

With so many correctional facilities operating on limited budgets, it’s easy to place medical equipment and staff needs on a lower priority. Sleep apnea problems, especially among older inmates, can become a much more serious concern, and it’s important to make sure that facilities have sufficient equipment and staffing, and that they can adjust to increasing or decreasing needs without full time staff.

Aeris offers an in-house solution that can save your facility thousands over transporting an inmate to another facility. Our testing program can reduce your risks and liability, as well as the turnaround time from diagnosis to treatment. We work within your budget to provide for your facilities’ needs. We also work to ensure that there is sufficient staff to handle health issues without additional costs.

All The Equipment, Training, and Staffing You Need.

Aeris offers a wide range of educational programs, RT staffing and technology to clients throughout the country. As specialists in the provision and management of all components used in the practice of respiratory care, we provide your facility with an “unbranded” respiratory care team designed to meet your facilities goals.

Our goal is to provide our partners with practical and cost-effective solutions while improving quality and outcomes. We want to seamlessly integrate with your facility, creating a strong respiratory care service line.

When you choose Aeris for a sleep apnea consulting study, we provide you with testing devices that are simple to use, with full instructions and 24/7 support. We offer cost effective CPAP, Auto-CPAP, and BiPAP devices, masks, tubing and other additional supplies. We also do it from a central location to save on costs.

We’ll ship you the study equipment, and our board certified sleep physician will interpret the results once you ship the devices back to us. We’ll take care to quickly provide the results of your study to address an inmate’s sleep apnea problems.

We also can send a respiratory or sleep therapist to your facility to help with setting up necessary testing equipment or manage a monthly sleep apnea clinic, saving you the cost and expenses of adding full time staff.

Requesting Sleep Apnea Consulting for Prisons

Sleep apnea consulting for prisons is just one of the many respiratory services we offer to correctional facilities.

Find out more about how Aeris Consulting can save your facility on costs while providing quality respiratory care. Contact us using this form today. We’d be happy to tell you more about our services.

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