Complex Respiratory Therapy Intervention for Nursing Homes

Complex Respiratory Therapy Intervention for Nursing Homes

Aeris Consulting is a nationwide service firm specializing in complex respiratory therapy intervention for nursing homes. When your care facility needs assistance in the form of skilled on-call therapists, additional educational programs, patient assessments or respiratory equipment, we are here to help. Our goal is to furnish the services you need to reduce your overhead costs, and have the staff and equipment on hand to admit patients as needed.

The nursing home business is wildly unpredictable, and nursing homes must be prepared for not only the amount of patients they will be caring for, but also for downturns in patient check-ins and keeping payroll manageable. Aeris Consulting offers the best solutions, for staffing, patient care, and respiratory equipment.

The Importance of Complex Respiratory Therapy in Nursing Homes

As our president Edwin Frost was recently quoted in a Skilled Nursing News article, the need for nursing facilities to take in sicker patients is growing, and so is the need for nursing homes to be able to care for such patients. As nursing homes become more skilled in complex respiratory cases, they are able to achieve higher reimbursement costs, especially if they are able to reduce readmissions. As your facility reduces readmissions, your marketability improves. (You can read the article here.)

Aeris Consulting can ensure that your nursing home can provide respiratory care for your patients at any level of their needs. We can provide your facility with licensed respiratory therapists for patient monitoring and assessments, along with fully staffed pulmonary programs. If you need temporary staff to handle increasing numbers of patients, we can provide on-call caregivers for 13- and 26-week assignments. We also help manage respiratory equipment, with periodic inspections, repairs, and maintenance of oxygen concentrators and other equipment to keep your facility compliant.

To ensure that you have the staff and equipment to handle your existing patients and admit new ones, reach out to Aeris Consulting. Wherever your facility is in the U.S., we provide for all of your needs in complex respiratory therapy intervention for nursing homes. We’ll help you offer the quality care your patients deserve, and we’ll help to grow your facility too. Contact us today to find out more.

Aeris Now Offers PPE Supplies in Bulk!

In an effort to keep our clients safe during these trying times, Aeris is offering PPE supplies in bulk to facilities we work with. Aeris is dedicated to providing large quantities of personal protective equipment to medical offices, skilled nursing facilities and surgical centers throughout the United States.

Our team sources top quality PPE products from around the world and warehouses them for direct distribution to medical facilities. Our parent company has contracts with over 100 facilities nationwide to provide respiratory supplies and PPE on a regular basis.

Take no chances and click here to contact the Aeris staff today for PPE supplies. We hope to help you move forward safely.